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Polly Wanna Necklace
Brand New at Fetch-it Pets !

Polly Wanna NecklaceWe are excited to introduce our Polly Wanna Necklace, a fun interactive bird toy for you & your bird! Our 27" Necklace is made up of bells, wood blocks, plastic links, and bright colorful shaped beads to provide hours of fun playtime for your bird.

The owner wears our Polly Wanna Necklace while their bird is on their shoulder. This will provide fun interactive playtime between them and the bird.

Hang it in the cage for a playful bird toy when the bird is not on your shoulder. Polly Wanna Necklace is a classic bird toy for hours of entertainment.

PROMOTES BONDING! EASILY HANGS IN CAGE FOR A FUN BIRD TOY! A great bord toy for most small to medium sized birds.

Polly Wanna Necklace bird toy, birds love it
Meeps loves her necklace!

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PW Necklace
PW Necklace - #138

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